Blue Light Technology SPF50+ OCEAN RESPECT protective cream

Facial cream with a very high sun protection factor, SPF50+. With exclusive BLUE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY technology from SKEYNDOR. Protection by direct blocking of HEVIs light rays (blue light). Non-greasy touch cream, waterproof and now with a NEW “OCEAN RESPECT” formula, a formula that respects the environment, biodegradable, without micro plastics or silicones, or filters that damage the ecosystem. Very broad spectrum protector: UVB, UVA, HEVis and IR.

SKEYNDOR Corrective

Global ultra-anti-aging eye contour for daily application. Improves skin quality, wrinkles, firmness, redensifies, hydrates, detoxifies and provides radiance.

The Luxury Elixir – Timeless Prodigy

Progressive action anti-aging elixir. Exclusive 30-day intensive treatment, divided into 3 phases of progressive action and application day and night.

The exclusive intensive treatment with evolutionary and multigenic action based on the perfect fusion of 3 cell rejuvenation strategies.

Phase 1. Activators of cell genesis.
Phase 2. Cellular quality improvers.
Phase 3. Enhancers of cellular functionality.

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Night restorative oil – Eternal Sleeping Oil

Anti-aging night restorative oil. Unique combination of oils, essences and natural extracts, with a non-greasy satin finish. Elixir of nutrition, leaves the complexion smooth and soft instantly. Fragrance with notes of jasmine, induces well-being and promotes rest.